Welcome, Selwa Alsomairy!


Allow me to introduce myself (read in your Jay-Z-PSA voice):

My name is Selwa Alsomairy, and I am the SAH Program Coordinator. I recently moved to Ann Arbor from Woodbridge, Virginia. I moved to finish my degree in Computer Science (why not right? Esp. during the coldest time of the year?!). I have taught at a private middle and high school in Virginia for two years. I also managed the exam/master schedules and event planning at the school. To get a better idea of what grade I liked working with; I ventured out to another school where I taught Pre-Kindergarten. I love being around children and utilizing my skills to further their academic advancements.  But what I learned most about myself during that time was my love for systems and planning.  I also love giving back to my community. I have dedicated a lot of hours to many different organizations in the DMV* area that gave back.  I also created a space for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community (at first 75% of the members were my friends) to be able to come together work alongside each other and benefit from what everyone has to offer. Right now I am working with a couple of people from the DMV to keep that space alive and bring that creative space to Michigan.

Other than that, I enjoy painting, collecting music, making care packages (if any of you ever want to make some with me (or point me in the right direction on where to hand them out) just let me know!), anime and sci-fi. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. 

What I love most about Safe at Home/Kennedy care is how everyone is caring about one another and treats everyone like family. I am proud to say I work in an environment that celebrates open communication and conviviality.  I look forward to working with everyone and getting to know you all. 

*DMV: D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Perform by Paycor LAUNCHED

The Kennedy Care HR team has recently launched Perform by Paycor offering new hires the opportunity to complete and upload all necessary documents in one convenient spot making the experience of new hire paperwork a bit less painful.