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Care Management

Assistance navigating your care journey

Everyones care needs and journey is unique and their life plan should be too. Our professional care managers are passionate about helping families develop and adhere to custom life plans that meet their wants and needs.

What is a Care Manager?

Kennedy Care delivers a unique approach to home care and our Care Managers are the catalyst of that approach. Care Managers are fixated on client and family success. This success is driven by two separate billable services, private duty home care and geriatric care management.

For over 15 years, Kennedy Care’s identity has been primarily driven by private duty home care, deploying loving & competent caregivers into the homes of our clients for assistance with essential daily tasks. But often times family’s needs for home care come and go while their relationship with a trusted member of our service team continue. This is why we formalized our care management service offering.

Now, an experienced healthcare professional, degreed in social work or nursing, can assist a client or family both with services related to home care as well as other facets of their care as their needs change and they need assistance navigating either the long-term care spectrum or the road to rehabilitation & recovery.

What Can a Care Manager Do?

As described above, Care Manager’s assist in two separate areas of care. We broke those areas out to help explain the differences. Functions they help with include but are not limited to the following:

Facilitating private duty home care:

  • Providing free general guidance on an initial service inquiry call

  • Facilitating an in-person bio-psycho-social assessment to fully evaluate care needs, mental health, social preferences, home safety and more

  • Creation of a custom home care plan detailing caregiver expectations and client goals related to the quality of life they hope to achieve

  • Collaboration with internal care teams to help create an appropriate caregiving team

  • On-site caregiver training & supervision as needed to teach and ensure adherence to the custom client care plan

  • Quarterly review of client care plan and caregiver matching

Assisting in the open-ended guidance of care, not necessarily related to home care:

  • Providing free general guidance on an initial service inquiry call

  • Facilitating the creation of a comprehensive life plan that covers a wide array of care considerations including housing options/preferences, financial affairs, legal planning, family planning and more

  • Participating in client appointments to advocate for medical needs and decipher diagnosis and professional recommendations

  • Assist in the selection, coordination and ongoing monitoring of various service providers

  • Assist in establishing or managing social and quality of life activities

  • Suggesting and assisting to implement home safety modifications

  • Assist in coordinating government or insurance benefits

Care managers can engage a family with one or both services at any given time.

Who Needs a Care Manager?

There are many events that may lead to the need for a care manager. Our care managers have a vested interest in navigating positive outcomes for the families they work with. Often the need derives from a feeling of family being overwhelmed by the difficulties of aging and changing conditions in a loved one. This can manifest in the form of families stressed about any of the following for a loved one:

  • Working to arrange alternative living arrangements

  • Disagreements related to care planning and decision making authority

  • Depression and isolation

  • Coping with a new diagnosis

  • Resistance to care

  • Hoarding or other unsafe living conditions

  • Memory loss and dementia

Common Care Management Services:

  • Navigate health systems – In-patient vs. out-patient, home health vs. private duty care, Medicare vs. Long term care insurance, etc.

  • Support family decisions – Professional encouragement rooted in experience

  • Evaluate housing options – Working to manage and arrange living arrangements, independent living, assisted living, memory care or other – Care managers are experts in housing options in the local community as well as the costs and benefits associated with those options

  • Advocate for the client to family, doctors and other service providers

  • Assist with resource management – Assess financial health and how it relates to life planning

  • Monitor and advocate for medical needs

  • On-call support to answer care related questions such as changing medications, new symptoms, depression, etc.

  • Coordinate and monitor quality of service providers

  • Provide emotional support and counseling for the client or their family

  • Enhance quality of life via social activities – Help establish and adhere to a social schedule

  • Recommending and facilitating home safety changes

  • Coordinating with insurance providers, government assistance and other benefits

 Common Questions for a Care Manager:

  • My loved one has a new medical diagnosis, now what?

  • My loved one isn’t taking their medications, what should I do?

  • What questions should I be asking when my loved one is getting discharged from the hospital?

  • What are my home care options? How do we find a quality provider?

  • How do we decide to keep a loved one at home vs moving to a facility?

  • What are the different options available for facility based living? What makes them different?

  • What health care costs do Medicare/Medicaid cover?

  • How do we activate our parent’s long term care insurance policy? Will it cover everything?

  • What do I do if my loved one needs care but they refuse?

  • I have multiple siblings involved who want to make decisions, how should we proceed?

  • How do I help my widowed parent with depression and loneliness?

What Do Care Management Services Cost?

The cost associated with hiring a care manager by Kennedy Care is $120 per hour billable in increments of 10 minutes ($20 per 10 minutes) Monday – Friday, 9a – 5p. Services are billed bi-weekly and there are no minimums for the use of care management services. 

Call our office today to talk to an intake manager about initiating care management services at (734)657-3528