Breanna Dailey - SAH Program Manager

Breanna is the Program Manager for Safe At Home. She joined the program in February of 2010 as one of our best caregivers, servicing hundreds of families in her first 7 years and later grew into our administrative team. Breanna earned her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development and now continues her education specific to children by volunteering in over ten ISD and GSRP programs throughout Southeast MI.

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Selwa Alsomairy - SAH Program Coordinator

Selwa works alongside Bre as our Program Coordinator for Safe At Home. She joined the program after moving to Michigan from Virginia where she taught at a private middle and high school! She loves systems, planning and of course, people. All these skills make her a wonderful part of our team.

Below are a few of the bright faces you might see from our current caregiving team!

Our total staff is made up of over 40 full time and part time experienced caregivers.



Ashten joined the Safe At Home team in January of 2014. She has over 10 years of experience working with children. Ashten also comes from a big family and she is the only girl of her five siblings. She is also a huge animal lover! Some of her favorite activities include baking, dancing and anything outdoors! 

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Meet Deidra! Deidra has over 18 years of childcare experience. She is a wife of a retired Air Force officer and has raised 4 beautiful children. She has been working with children her whole life including working for the Air Force Childcare Program providing a variety of childcare services to meet the unique needs of military children and their families. Deidra enjoys baking, cooking, decorating and spending time with her family.



Christina joined the Safe at Home Team in May of 2017. She is currently studying Elementary Education and Special Education at Eastern Michigan University. She has been caring for children for 10 years and has worked with children of all ages. Christina's loves to read and enjoys doing arts and crafts in her spare time. She believes that the most important thing about caring for children is to be a part of their accomplishments, both big and small.



Meet Maura! Maura attended the University of Dayton with a dual degree in both Early Childhood Education and Early Intervention Specialist. She has worked in multiple preschool settings for children. Along with her study, she has field placements experience in Elementary schools ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. In her free time she coaches youth volleyball for local organizations and enjoys playing sports and staying active.



Sonta has been a caregiver since 2018. She is from Belleville, MI.  She gained early hands-on experience when she helped raise her brother.  She has regularly cared for a family with triplets and has over three years of experience working in daycares.  She is a very active caregiver and always tries her hardest to bring out each child's imagination and create with them. We are proud to have people like Sonta on our Safe at Home team. 



Jennifer joined the Safe At Home Team in 2016. She has over seven years of experience with children, including day care facilities and nannying. She graduated from Central Michigan University in December of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree major in Family Studies and a minor in Psychology. Jennifer enjoys anything outdoors and staying active. 

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Meet Brittani! Brittani is from Dundee, MI. She is a third year Spanish Education major and has years of experience with children of all ages. She grew up in an in-home daycare and then became an assistant teacher at YMCA for over two years before joining the Safe At Home Team. Brittani currently cares for a family utilizing services full time.

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Meet Callie! Callie is from Riga, MI. Callie currently works full time with a family of four children. She has over eight years of experience working closely with children. Including working as a toddler and infant lead at Kindercare Learning Center.  Callie is involved in many artistic extracurricular activities and clubs. She uses her skills to introduce them to the children she cares for. Callie excelled in poetry, choir and has always been involved in the musicals and still is to this day. In her spare time, she plays piano, guitar and the ukulele.



Delaney recently joined the Safe at Home team. She has a long history of working with children (over 12 years) and has been nannying for several more.  She has nannied for children from newborn all the way to 5th grade. She met her husband while volunteering at a week-long, overnight summer camp specifically for foster care kids. Being a caregiver is something that comes very naturally for Delany. She currently cares for two part-time families. 

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Rachel joined the Safe at Home team in 2017. She is from Petersburg, MI. Rachel has over 12 years experience working with children. She was a private nanny for seven years of three children. She is also a Varsity coach for a local school. Rachel is highly requested and currently working full time for two families. While caring for children, she enjoys creating crafts, coloring, and being active. 

We have many other amazing caregivers on our staff, please inquire for more information!