What is Safe At Home?

Safe at Home is a back-up child care service that has been providing quality child care since 1994. Safe At Home provides seamless, fill in child care for families when their primary source of child care either is not available or does not exist. The program also offers ongoing child care services through the Private Care Program.

Our caregivers provide care to children ages six weeks to thirteen years old who are both healthy and mildly ill. We are in the clients’ homes for a minimum of four hours and shifts have no maximum length. We currently serve families in South East Michigan.

Our caregivers are trained and qualified. Safe At Home caregivers are CPR/AED/First Aid with Pediatrics certified and are required to renew their certification every two years through the American Heart Association or The American Red Cross. They are also required to take The American Red Cross Advanced Child Care Class. Once the caregivers complete this class they must pass a competency test before they are eligible to work. The Advanced Child Care class includes training in child behavior, leadership, safety, and professionalism. The class also covers proper baby feeding practices, how to change a diaper, how to hold a baby and different emergency scenarios with children among many other topics.

How to Sign Up!

Signing up is simple. You can contact our Program Coordinator, Breanna Dailey, at: 800.790.SAFE (7233) 7 days a week 6am-9pm or click the button below!

*If you experience any issue filling out the online form, please email SAH@kennedycare.com or call our office at 1.800.790.7233

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages does SAH serve?

SAH services families with children ages six weeks through thirteen years old

I have animals, can I still receive service?

Yes, we love animals! When filling out the request form online just be sure to note that you have an animal and the kind of animal that you have. SAH is not responsible for walking/feeding or caring for the animal. Our focus is the children.

How far in advance do I have to request care?

The more notice that SAH has the better chance of receiving care but we know that life happens and children get sick unexpectedly so we do our best to get caregivers out to your home on as short of notice as a few hours.

If I know I need care for a future date, how soon can I request it?

We start scheduling care as far as two weeks in advance.

How much does SAH's service cost?

SAH’s hourly rate depends on how many children you need care for and if your employer subsidizes your hourly rate. To get an exact rate please email sah@kennedycare.com

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. If services a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the scheduled shift, a charge equal to 4 hours will be assessed and may not be covered by subsidized hours. This charge allows us to still compensate our caregivers who were scheduled and cancelled within 24 hours of their shift.

What are the qualifications of the caregivers?

Our caregivers are highly qualified! They are all CPR/First Aid/AED certified and have taken a class through the American Red Cross call Advanced Child Care Training. You can learn more about the caregiver qualifications on the Child Care homepage.

What is the Annual Welcome Packet, and why do I have to fill it out every year?

The Annual Welcome Packet is a packet full of information on you and your family. This packet includes everything from basic family information to emergency contacts and allergies. We ask that each family fill out a new packet every year so we have the most up to date information.

Can I request a specific caregiver?

All of our caregivers are wonderful but if you have a specific caregiver that you’d like, you are more than welcome to request them on the online request form. There is a section that says “Caregiver Requests” where you can put their name. If you do not remember their name you can call the office and we can look them up for you. If you request a certain caregiver there is no guarantee that the caregiver will be available, but the office staff will be sure to contact that caregiver first.

Can I have the same caregiver for consecutive days?

If you request care for consecutive days, the SAH staff will do their best to get the same caregiver(s) to your family for all days of service. This is not a guarantee as the caregiver's schedule will have to match up with your family's needs.

How can I give feedback about my experience?

After each visit, you will be sent an email with a survey link attached to it. This is where you can give feedback on your experience with SAH. You also can always call the office or email sah@kennedycare.com

How early or late can I receive care?

There is no set time as to when you can receive care. The majority of our care happens during business hours between 6AM-8PM, but if you need care outside of those hours we can absolutely work with your family!

How do I submit a care request?

The fastest way to submit a request is through our online system at: www.kennedycare.com/safeathome. This system also saves your information so the next time you need to use SAH it will be extremely quick and efficient for you!

How soon will I know if I have a caregiver?

SAH does their best to let your family know as soon as we know if and who your caregiver will be. If you submit your care after hours you will not hear from us until 6AM the following morning. SAH will search for a caregiver up until the start time of a shift.

What if I do not need care for the minimum of four hours?

If you do not need care for four hours we can still get a caregiver to your home for the amount of time that you need, you will just be charged for a minimum of four hours. This does not mean that the caregiver has to stay four hours if you do not wish.

How many subsidized hours do I get per year?

The subsidized hours that your family receives per year is based on your employer and if/how much they subsidize care. If you ever need to know how many hours you have left for the calendar year you can email sah@kennedycare.com and we will be happy to let you know!

Can caregivers drive my children to extracurricular activities?

Our caregivers cannot drive children anywhere. We can walk them to and from the bus stop with a consent form. This is for the safety of your children.


"This experience was all around wonderful! It was our first time needing backup care for our baby. We were really nervous before this experience - wondering how complicated this process would be. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy this was and, most importantly, how great the care was. Our request was filled incredibly quickly and our caregiver was great. We felt very comfortable leaving our child in her expert hands!"

- Stephanie C. from Ann Arbor, MI

"Breanna assisted my family right away, and on short notice. I can't tell you how much appreciated I am for Breanna! Rachel was absolutely perfect with the care of our 6 children! I heard our family may have been the largest the organization has ever taken on under one provider. Rachel provided the absolute best care for our kids, and my kids adored her! Thank you so much!!"

- Jesse M. From Ann Arbor, MI

"Our request for the next day was filled quickly and our caregiver was excellent. She was always friendly and professional and seemed immediately eager to engage with our son. He was required to stay home to to being sick at daycare the previous day and was feeling better on this day. Our caregiver clearly has experience and showed creativity in engaging and guiding him through the day. Soon after I arrived home, my son ran to me (after finishing the book the caregiver was reading to him) and the first words out of his mouth were "Daddy, we had a very good time!"

- Ted B. from Ann Arbor, MI

This is one of the best benefits our company provides to parents. Our caregiver was wonderful, and my son said he would like to have her come back to play with him. :-) She kept him on schedule better than I do, and I came home to a super happy little boy. Thank you!"

- Jackie D. from Livonia, MI

"Our caregiver was great, even though my son wasn't feeling great seems like they had a lot of fun on his day at home. Very happy to see they played with so many different things and constructed such an extensive train track setup :)"

- Shane S. from Commerce Twp., MI

"Our caregiver was outstanding! She was professional, thoughtful, courteous; she went above and beyond. She is really amazing!"

- Carla V. from Detroit, MI

"Our caregiver provided exceptional service to our son. She was in contact with me by text, letting me know when he woke up from his nap, what he ate, etc. She filled out the daily report sheet in great detail which I appreciate as it was so helpful when I returned home from work. I've used this service many times before and was happy with all prior caregivers but this caregiver really goes above and beyond with her child care service, putting my mind at ease while at work. I knew my son was in great hands. Thank you!!"

- Kristen H. from Ann Arbor, MI

"We have not used this program before, but would definitely use it again. Breanna was extremely helpful and prompt with the scheduling. Lisa was very nice, brought crafts for my daughter to work on and was extremely attentive. We were happy to have her over!"

- Erin R. From Saline, MI